About Us

Professor Xin Liu


Xin Liu is a Computer Science professor at UC Davis. She is a co-PI and AI cluster lead of the USDA/NSF AI Institute for Next Generation Food Systems (AIFS), a sponsor of AIBridge. Her research focuses on machine learning in food systems and healthcare for humans and animals. Liu, along with Samuel Ren and Houjun Liu, co-created and taught AIBridge at UC Davis in Summer 2022 and continues to broaden its reach.

Houjun (Jack)


Houjun (Jack) is a 12th grade student at The Nueva School, an independent school in San Mateo, CA. He has worked on research for the past 4 years in machine learning, and has a specific research interest in natural language processing (NLP) and language sample analysis (LSA). His publications surrounding NLP, LSA, and educational pedagogy have been featured in venues including Experimental Biology and AJSLP. He has received early admission and will be attending Stanford in 2023.

Samuel Ren

Co-Founder • President

Samuel Ren is a junior at Gunn High School. With experience programming since 5th grade, he has taught four robotic summer camps, and co-developed/taught the first AIBridge bootcamp at UC Davis. An AIME qualifier since 8th grade and gold-level USA Computing Olympiad competitor, he has won multiple awards in math and computing competitions. He has a strong interest in machine learning applications.

Jiaming Situ

Founding Member • Vice President

Jiaming Situ is a Senior at Homestead High School who has been coding competitively since 7th grade. He has studied deep learning through programs at New York University and Yale and has written an academic paper focused on generative adversarial neural networks. Jiaming is also vice president of his school's AI club and teaches other students at his school about machine learning.

Jack Fan

Founding Member • Vice President (Northeast)

Jack Fan is a senior at Lexington High School who has enjoyed software development since 6th grade. His current prospective majors target the further development of digital supercomputing, AI-based computing, and quantum computing in the context of brain modelling and synthesis, and he hopes to hold a part in pioneering the new computing age. In recent summers, Jack has contributed to the computational analysis portion of a Nature-submitted neuroscience paper from Columbia University and continues to lead LexHack LLC, a nonprofit organisation focused on creating a hackathon experience specifically to make AI-based solutions to everyday problems more common. He has also recently self-published a quantum computing handbook. As a part of the AIBridge team since April, he constantly looks to expand the reach of AI and CS as a whole through initiatives he takes part in.

Connor Lee


Connor Lee is a sophomore at Palo Alto High School. He has been programming since he was in 7th grade, and has taken many classes to deepen his understanding of computer science/AI. He has also participated in founding several CS clubs and served as a team lead and TA. During his freshman year, he was invited to an Bioengineering internship at UC San Diego where he supported the Biophotonics lab and created a program for faster analysis of a major part of the central nervous system through machine learning. He has learned many algorithms to apply to the real world, and has also won awards and prizes from many hackathons. He has a strong passion towards machine learning and its uses in everyday life.

Nate Harris


Nate Haris is a senior at Lexington High School. He has been studying computer science for 6 years and teaching it for 4. Nate has taught dozens of students in many fields of CS, running his own tutoring business. He also organizes an annual community hackathon and is publishing research in cyber security. Nate always loves to learn and teach others about intricate topics of computer science, such as AI development.

Michelle Dong


Michelle Dong is a junior at Monta Vista High School. She started learning computer science in 6th grade and is currently an officer at the Monta Vista Girls Who Code club and a TA for computer science and math at school. She has taught at Steel City Codes for intermediate python and machine learning classes due to her interest in machine learning and AI.