We are recruiting Teachers and TAs!


AIBridge Team
  • We bridge the gap between AI and application domains.
  • Under the mentorship of UC Davis Computer Science professor.
  • First bootcamp offered at UC Davis in June 2022 to 17 graduate students and postdocs.
  • We have taught at Saratoga Library in March 2023 and in August 2023 to professionals in Silicon Valley.
  • We've also traveled to Cornell University and UIUC in July 2023 to teach the course to graduate students and postdocs.

Teacher Qualifications

AIBridge Teachers
  • High school juniors and above, and exceptional sophomores.
  • 2+ years of Python programming.
  • Highly experienced in AI frameworks and applications.
  • Strong public speaking skills.
  • Commitment to attend at least 20 hours of training time.
  • Mastery of materials, lectures, and labs.
  • Prior teaching experience preferred.
  • Teaching such a class takes a fair amount of time and commitment. Please consider your availability seriously.

TA Qualifications

AIBridge TA
  • High school sophomore and above, and exceptional freshman.
  • 1+ year of Python programming.
  • Interest in AI.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Commitment to attend at least 5 hours of training time.
  • Full understanding of materials and completing labs.
  • Reliability, responsibility, and team-player.

For more information, contact us at aibridgecamp@gmail.com